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All members of staff

Dr. Anja Rickermann, M.A.

Certified Tax Adviser
+49 521 2993397

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Irrespective of the issue I am currently working on, understanding the sense (or nonsense) of tax law regulations and the ideas that govern the taxation system - the crux of the matter, so to speak - is and remains an exciting challenge. And a very necessary one at that as practical matters can only be correctly classified and addressed with the help of the appropriate "perspective".

An example: The Reorganisation Tax Act as a framework law regulates a multitude of practical cases with relatively few stipulations. However, these can only be solved if one is familiar with the interaction between the simple legal norms and corporate law. I always enjoy the challenge of using this knowledge to solve the many individual issues of our clients.

It never gets boring; after all, the taxation system must always adapt to the many changes in world affairs. Stimulating incentives against the backdrop of climate change, international networking, digitisation and rapid relief in times of crisis are just a few of the initiating factors. The correct use of tax legislation as an applied policy is a responsible task as it can bring about positive changes but also create barriers.

High quality, professional exchange and learning from and with each other are very important to me in my work with our clients and with my colleagues. At HLB Stückmann I am very fortunate to find all this. Furthermore, I am given a lot of freedom to develop my own interests - both professionally and personally. For example, I have the opportunity to work as a lecturer at the University of Paderborn where I deal with the education of students. In this context I try to arouse their enthusiasm for working as tax consultants so that HLB Stückmann can continue to achieve its goals in the future with competent and committed employees.

Key competences:

  • Tax consultancy for medium-sized and large companies
  • Taxation planning consultation
  • Restructurings

Other activities:

  • Lecturer at Paderborn University: Reorganisation tax law, Taxation of partnerships


  • Born 1983
  • With HLB Stückmann since 2013

Special field

Company valuation

When valuing companies, we keep an eye on all the factors. This means we not only take traditional values into account, but also immaterial ones.


Company tax law

The business environment is constantly changing, whether on a legal or economic level. This requires a high degree of flexibility from companies.


Tax consulting

Tax laws are complex and subject to regular change. We are always up-to-date with the latest legal requirements and, through our personal advice, know exactly what your business objectives are. On this basis, we advise you with our proven "eye on the bigger picture" and thus make the most of your taxes.



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  • Dr. Anja Rickermann, M.A.

    Certified Tax Adviser

    +49 521 2993397