Auditing and
tax consulting

HLB Stückmann

Strong performance between tradition and innovation

We advise, optimise and audit. Never using a run-of-the-mill approach but always working individually, intensely and with far-reaching vision - on all tax-related and business matters.

Company valuation

When valuing companies, we keep an eye on all the factors. This means we not only take traditional values into account, but also immaterial ones.

International tax consulting

Expansion into international markets provides companies with many opportunities while also harbouring risks due to the fact that venturing beyond national boundaries makes dealing with tax regulations more complex.

Sales tax consulting

One of our objectives for you is to have sales tax firmly under control as a transitory item. We take care of your sales tax and ensure that it has no economic impact or risk for your day-to-day business.

Company tax law

The business environment is constantly changing, whether on a legal or economic level. This requires a high degree of flexibility from companies.

Digitisation and compliance

Both standard IT operations and digital change place complex demands on companies. With its digital services, HLB Stückmann supports its clients comprehensively on all IT-related matters.

Succession consulting

Succession consulting is an important topic – in particular for family businesses. We are happy to accompany and advise you throughout the entire process.

Property tax law

Our experienced specialists in property tax law will guide you safely through your real estate projects and accompany you on an ongoing basis.

Tax consulting

Tax laws are complex and subject to regular change. We are always up-to-date with the latest legal requirements and, through our personal advice, know exactly what your business objectives are. On this basis, we advise you with our proven "eye on the bigger picture" and thus make the most of your taxes.


Successful business relationships are based on trust. We carry out all the prescribed audits for your company conscientiously, efficiently and confidentially. Our service is always very closely aligned with the objectives you have set for your company.