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During your university studies, your main focus is on acquiring theoretical knowledge as a foundation for your future professional career. But without practical application, theory often remains abstract. That's why we offer you the opportunity to gain concrete practical experience in the areas of tax advice, auditing and legal advice during your studies. You can put your theoretical knowledge to use in a variety of ways and expand it to include important practical aspects. If you have a soft spot for numbers and economic contexts, team spirit and commitment are important for you, and you also have analytical skills, then you've come to the right place. Whether as an intern, working student or legal trainee - take your first important steps into the world of work with us!


1 Maybe we are looking for exactly you!

In order for a trial period or even a more intensive immersion in practical work to make as much sense for you as it does for us, we should first exchange our ideas a little. If they are compatible, we can get down to business together.

Our internship programme is primarily aimed at students of classical business studies such as business administration, business economics, economics, business law and business mathematics - both at Bachelor's and Master's level. Have you even chosen a focus on auditing and/or taxation? That's great, but not a must for an internship, because the most important thing is that you are fundamentally interested in these areas. Of course, students from other disciplines can also apply if they have an interest in the subject matter and in economic contexts. In general, students can complete both compulsory and voluntary internships with us.

Each internship should ideally last at least six weeks so that the interns have enough time to get to know the essential work processes adequately. We recommend that students do an internship from the 3rd/4th semester in their BA, as they can then put their existing theoretical knowledge to practical use with us with additional learning effects.

Working students can also gain extensive practical experience with us. We are happy to continue employing former interns in this way, as this has the advantage for both sides that we already know each other and no major familiarisation is necessary.

However, you can also apply for a working student position without a previous internship if you meet the requirements described in the internships.

During the lecture period, working students can be employed for a maximum of 20 hours per week. We are very flexible with regard to working hours and are happy to accommodate the individual wishes and possibilities of students. They are welcome to work more during lecture-free periods, which is always accepted with pleasure by our staff.

Legal trainees can also come to us and complete their elective or lawyer training stages at our sister company BKS Rechtsanwälte. During this time they gain an insight into all areas of law represented by the law firm and deal primarily with issues of civil, commercial and company law, civil procedural law and tax law. Those who would like to gain some work experience during their law studies or before their legal clerkship are welcome to join BKS Rechtsanwälte as working students.


2 A wide range of assignments provides comprehensive insights

At Stückmann internships and working student positions are available in the areas of auditing and taxation, where you can take on a wide range of tasks. It is important to us that you gain a good overview of how the big picture is connected during your time at Stückmann.

As a rule, we have interns and working students at our law firm throughout the year, whose possible areas of employment always depend somewhat on the "time of year". The first half of the year is traditionally the audit season, as most of our clients have their annual audits done during this period. Accordingly, there is a lot to do especially in this area in the first half of the year as well as many different areas of assignment. The second half of the year is then rather more about tax issues.

Regardless of these seasonal focuses, interns and working students can work in different areas and thus experience and help provide the all-round support that is typical for Stückmann. Colleagues are happy to use this flexibility to bring interns and working students into their department at short notice if they are interested. In this way, they can get to know many different subject areas, such as real estate tax law, international tax law or turnover tax law, and use this diversity to lay a good foundation for their future careers. However, those who know right from the start which area they have their heart set on can also concentrate on that area and specialise there in the long term.

In auditing, you will be assigned to an audit team that will involve you in the audit of a client. Ideally, you will be involved in the entire audit cycle and take over individual audit areas, for example. You will take attend team meetings and possibly be on site with your team at the client's premises. You will learn a lot of practical "tools of the trade", especially through the completion of your tasks, but you will also gain a lot of insight into the audit tasks of the others due to your proximity to the team.

Tax advice involves a wide range of tasks where you can work and learn a lot. Typical tasks include

  • preparing tax returns for companies of different legal forms and sizes (you will have to deal with different types of tax, e.g. trade tax, turnover tax)
  • reviewing tax returns
  • preparing annual financial statements
  • researching current tax issues.

Regardless of whether you assist in the preparation of a tax return or in a tax audit, the beauty of it is that you can see directly how your own contribution flows into the result. If at the beginning of your time at Stückmann many things may seem very complex and impenetrable, that is no reason to doubt yourself. Little by little, you will recognise the connections between the individual areas and tasks - and that is always a great moment.  

If you would like to gain your first professional experience in the field of law, we will integrate you firmly into the day-to-day work of our law firm and our team - don't worry, we won't send you home with a file which you are to study and afterwards hold a short lecture on. On the contrary, with your own workstation on site, you will be right in the middle of the action and take part in client meetings and court hearings. In this way, you will gain an insight into company law, tax law and criminal tax law. These are intensified by a weekly team meeting, which serves the purpose of internal exchange, and a weekly jour fixe with specialist lectures by the professionals. We are happy to arrange a leave of absence for legal trainees to prepare for the second state exam.



A high professional level is the be-all and end-all of our work. That is why we have adopted the values High-quality. Professional. Structured. as our mottos. Read more about these and our other values, which guide us and which we implement very consciously. Stückmann as an employer


3 Why you should already come to Stückmann as a student

Taking your first important steps into working life during your studies - Stückmann offers you ideal conditions for this. During internships, working student positions and legal traineeships we will involve you as much as possible in practical work so that you really get a true impression of what awaits you in the professional world - and what you will particularly enjoy doing there.

Sit by and just watch? No, that's not what an internship or student job at Stückmann looks like. We have a lot of confidence in you right from the start and will quickly involve you actively with your own tasks - naturally according to your level of knowledge. Since this will increase steadily, we will also entrust you with increasingly responsible tasks. These include, for example, research assignments on current topics, but also tasks to be worked on independently, for example within the scope of declaration processes or individual test fields. Maybe you will occasionally be thrown in at the deep end - but don't worry, you won't be left to cope on your own, there will always be someone there to help you.

What will I do after I graduate? Is my dream job really what I imagine it to be? After an internship at Stückmann, you will certainly be able to answer these important questions to some extent. A look at everyday working life and behind the scenes is enormously helpful and can also reduce prejudices and fears. And maybe, thanks to your internship, you'll even discover opportunities for development that you didn't even know existed.

Talking to experienced staff at Stückmann, who know what you can expect, where your development can lead you and what real life in the profession looks like, can contribute to this. Of course, this also includes structured work, which you will get to know better as an intern or a working student.

Another good argument for students to get a "taste of practice" at Stückmann is our varied clientele with diverse tasks and exciting issues. These include large and very large medium-sized companies from the region, but also, for example, corporate groups. They have to deal with issues of a magnitude and nature that smaller law firms rarely encounter. Despite our size, our structures are so manageable that we do not have to assign our interns and working students rigidly to one area, but can deploy them flexibly.


4 You can rely on our support

We promise you that during your internship, your working student position or your legal clerkship, we will always be close by your side. With our communicative structures and so many great colleagues, it's easy to find guidance and support at any time. Networking extensively can have very positive effects on your entire professional life.

All interns are assigned a mentor who will support them throughout their entire internship and take care of their questions and well-being. However, part of this job is also taken on by the specialist staff, who share an office with the interns and can thus be approached at any time. We make sure that our student staff are always provided with interesting tasks and feel well taken care of. Our staff have a good sense of what kind of attention the "newcomers" need, because they often know this situation themselves, having also once started as interns or working students at a company - perhaps even at Stückmann. They are also used to dealing with interns and working students because they regularly work with us at our company.

If working students are employed for a longer period of time, they will receive numerous benefits and, like permanent employees, will also be invited to annual appraisals to discuss their professional development.

At Stückmann you can also use your insight into the working world to network with many people - this not only helps you to get ahead at that particular moment but also pays off for your future career. Since we have a lively culture of exchange at our law firm, it's easy to network with our staff. When it comes time to starting your career after graduating, this good networking will provide you with several points of contact in our company. Ask around our colleagues, some of whom did an internship at Stückmann and were working students here - and stayed. It pays to make contacts early on.

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