Stückmann as an employer

Because it`s the whole
package that counts


Exceptional performance for exceptional employees

We carefully select the people who work with and for us, because we are interested in a long-term cooperation based on partnership. From the very beginning, our employees are given responsibility, freedom for their visions and ideas, first-class career opportunities and cross-sector training.

We do a number of things to ensure that our employees enjoy being with us and do their job with pleasure. On purpose. We are firmly convinced that if employees are to be committed to their work day after day and stay fit and healthy at the same time, it is not enough to make attractive special payments, provide hot drinks, mineral water and organic fruit as well as a family-friendly workplace and great sports activities. Of course we do that anyway - but not exclusively.

HLB Stückmann

Elsa-Brändström-Str. 7
33602 Bielefeld
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Stückmann: Further education and training

Stückmann: Further education and training

Our work is subject to a continuous transformation: Changes in case law, new laws are decreed, technical innovations become the standard and, because of increasing globalisation, everything is in constant flux.

Our members of staff therefore have the opportunity to continuously expand their professional capabilities and personal strengths, both externally and internally. We place significant value on qualification and development potential from the very beginning.

Stückmann culture

Stückmann culture

Open doors – from the reception to the partners' offices. A working environment in which values are transmitted in person – starting with the interview and then as part of daily interaction. Communal activities – from a quick catch-up at the coffee machine through to a drink after work. Those are the things that are important to us, which we promote and which we want to maintain. For our members of staff. And for a working climate which is just as professional as it is harmonious.

Stückmann digital

Stückmann digital

Digitalisation is most prudent when it has a clearly defined objective. We would like our members of staff to benefit from it, so that it makes their work more flexible and more independent of their location. This is why we are actively driving the digitalisation of central work areas at HLB Stückmann. With the use of virtual data rooms, digital speech recognition, online seminars, Teams for business, Yammer and home-office workplaces for example. In order to ensure that we are always closely aligned with the needs of our staff, we continue to develop great approaches and ideas together with them.

Bielefeld and the OWL region

A strong economy, a good mix of industries and short routes: These are, of course, not the only things that can be said about the Ostwestfalen-Lippe technology region as a place of work.


Parking space in the city centre, flexible working hours or good public transport connections? Lots of little details make for a fantastic work place.