The company

Our work is based on shared values

Values can be our compass and give us orientation. Whether we go old or new ways: values help to make decisions. In our daily work and cooperation, they determine what is important to us and what is not. At HLB Stückmann, we have recorded values that we have been living for many years as a triple of values. We will constantly develop them further and want to fill them with life together.


Stückmann is Open. Creative. Unique.

New challenges are part of our daily work – much to our delight, after all, we want to exploit our great potential. In addition, our competence grows with every challenging task, which we master with creative solutions, unusual consulting approaches and a lot of passion. When it comes to international issues, we can draw on the experienced know-how of our globally active network HLB International. With this creative motivation and diverse range of services, we are one of the best-known service providers in our economically flourishing region.

Why is HLB Stückmann open to you?

Corinna Dziewior, Human Resources Manager


Why is HLB Stückmann creative for you ?

Carola Fechner, Certified Tax Adviser


Why is HLB Stückmann unique to you?

Meike Wörmann, German Public Auditor, Certified Tax Adviser


Stückmann is High-quality. Professional. Structured.

We do not respond to the highly individual needs and requirements of our clients with standard solutions. It is also not enough for us to find the right way just once. We strive to achieve the optimal result again and again – i.e. always a little more than formulated in the requirements profile. For lasting success, however, we need a precise structure for which we work in a focused and pragmatic manner every day. We create tailor-made solutions with individual analyses and concepts. Our well-rehearsed team loves challenges.

Why is HLB Stückmann high-quality for you?

Steffen Quest, German Public Auditor, Certified Tax Adviser


Why is HLB Stückmann professional for you?

Marrie Landt, Certified Tax Adviser, Lawyer, Certified Tax Lawyer


Why is HLB Stückmann structured for you?

Deniz Kiziltas, Certified Tax Adviser


Stückmann is Down-to-earth. Modern. Sustainable.

Since our company was founded in 1932, we have felt at home in Bielefeld and closely connected to the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region. Then as now, we rely on honest, conscientious work without prestige. Instead, we invest our energy in the development of far-sightedly thought-out solutions and thus initiate important technical trends. Since we are also open to all meaningful technical innovations, we do not shy away from competition from nationwide industry leaders. We certainly have the necessary decision-making and assertiveness.

Why is HLB Stückmann down-to-earth for you?

Andreas Peters, German Public Auditor, Certified Tax Adviser


Why is HLB Stückmann modern for you?

Thomas Kastner, German Public Auditor, Certified Tax Adviser


Why is HLB Stückmann sustainable for you?

Anja Friedrich, HR Consultant


Stückmann is Esteeming. Reliable. Trusting.

If you want to work successfully together, you should be able to appreciate your partner and yourself. That's why we treat our clients openly and with a lot of empathy. And show them authentically as we are – reliable, sincere and self-confident. This is the ideal basis for close relationships at eye level, which live a straightforward, honest communication and a deep mutual trust. As a gain for our clients, this results in a high degree of entrepreneurial security, which we continuously consolidate and further expand with great commitment.

Why is HLB Stückmann appreciative for you?

Nicole Sander, German Public Auditor, Certified Tax Adviser


Why is HLB Stückmann reliable for you?

Florian Weeg, Certified Tax Adviser, Specialist consultant for corporate succession


Why is HLB Stückmann trustworthy for you?

Heinrich Penner, IT Manager


is very important
to us!

Sustainability is important to us in three ways: with regard to our work results, with regard to our trusting cooperation with our clients and each other and, of course, with regard to our environment. We have already implemented a number of ecological measures to protect and preserve them and have been co2 neutral since 2023 – read for yourself. // Sustainability