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As an entrepreneur, complying with certain rules is a must. And compliance with these rules must be verified on a regular basis. We know which assessments your company will be subject to and at which point in time they will be conducted, and we provide you with support as part of a comprehensive service package. In addition to statutory legislation, we always have one eye on your objectives. We therefore offer numerous auditing services which supply you with important information for making correct entrepreneurial decisions.

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How we help you when it comes to auditing:

Annual auditing

Annual auditing

Annual auditing plays a central role within business auditing services. Our experts analyse your business and your strategy using the most up-to-date methods and technologies. This provides you with a result within a very short space of time, based on which the actual audit can take place.

Special audits

Special audits

Special audits are increasingly gaining in significance. Irrespective of whether the audit is conducted on a voluntary basis or due to statutory regulations: Our auditors know the correct approach to take, and support you with 100% commitment.

Audit-related services

Audit-related services

Current legislative developments and increased requirements for a comprehensive range of company services have increased the demand for audit-related services. We deal with all the tasks and questions that ensue, and develop together with you the right solutions.

Specialist knowledge for the right, tailored solution:

Company valuation

When valuing companies we consider all the factors. That means: In addition to classical values we also take into account the immaterial.

Digitisation and compliance

The professional handling of risk in modern business life is becoming an ever increasing source of competitive advantage for companies.