With us, something is always in motion

There are moments and events which the partners and employees at HLB Stückmann love to recall. Some awaken wonderful memories, others are milestones within our company's history and some perhaps even make us a little bit proud. But we also look forward to what we have planned for the future  – because anticipation is the greatest joy.



In our magazine we take a look back at 2022, a special year not only for us. We would not have thought that our 90th company birthday would fall in a year which, with the title "turning point", only hints at all that has changed in it.

Sustainability is a term that is currently being used almost excessively in the news. In our case, however, it certainly applies - the frequency with which we come into contact with it is both right and important. We are not only referring to the sustainability report, something we have been working on for years now. We have also taken action ourselves, grabbed spades, gloves, seedlings and wheelbarrows and travelled to the Teutoburg Forest. Why and how? Find out in this issue of our Bilanz magazine. We hope you enjoy reading it!



Christmas donation 2023

ZONTA Club Bielefeld

With this year's Christmas donation, HLB Stückmann and BKS Rechtsanwälte are supporting the ZONTA Club Bielefeld. The ZONTA Club Bielefeld is impressively committed to women's rights and equality. more


Tree Planting Campaign

383 trees for the "Tree Planting Campaign" organised by KlimaWoche Bielefeld e.V.

In order to actively promote our regional climate protection efforts, we took part in the "Tree Planting Campaign" organised by KlimaWoche Bielefeld e.V.. Our employees donated trees in the weeks beforehand, which we planted in the impressive planting campaign in Köckerwald in October. more


HLB Cup Budapest 2023

On 23 September, a delegation from our office took part in the international football tournament of the HLB network in Budapest. The sporting performance was much better than that of the DFB team at the last big tournaments... // more


Green Innovation Week 2023

Green Innovation Week 2023 was dedicated to the question of how to achieve a sustainable economy.

In one week, participants received practical expert knowledge, best practices from companies and innovative approaches for a more sustainable future. On 6.9.23, we invited over 70 interested participants to offer insights into CSRD and EU taxonomy regarding sustainability reporting. We are always happy to host such exciting formats!


Marketing as a success factor

How trust-building works for law firms today and where the limits are.. Together with the Marketing Club OWL Bielefeld e.V., we had the pleasure of welcoming many familiar, but also new faces to our joint event on 14 August 2023. // more


Bielefelder Nachtansichten 2023

On April 29, 2023, the 21st Night of Bielefeld Museums, Galleries and Churches took place in Bielefeld. Fascinating light installations, interesting exhibitions and surprising performances were offered. We were there and supported the project "Light in the Dark" of our photographer Susi Freitag.


is very important
to us!

Sustainability is important to us in three ways: with regard to our work results, with regard to our trusting cooperation with our clients and each other and, of course, with regard to our environment. We have already implemented a number of ecological measures to protect and preserve them and have been climate-neutral since 2023 – read for yourself. // Sustainability



Dr. Brigitte Hidding joined our circle of partners on 1 January 2023 as a new partner. Our long-standing colleague is one of our specialists for M&A transactions as well as the associated contract drafts and (tax) law issues. In addition, Dr. Hidding is very experienced in the field of international tax law and will also be jointly responsible for this area in the future. We congratulate her warmly and wish her every success in all new tasks and challenges. // more



In our magazine we take a look back at 2022, a special year not only for us. We would not have thought that our 90th company birthday would fall in a year which, with the title "turning point", only hints at all that has changed in it.

For us, this means above all to do what is our most original task: to advise, to stand by our clients, to delve deeply into the matter, into the business processes and, in East Westphalian terms, not only to talk, but to tackle. Even and especially in challenging times, we develop and expand perspectives - for our employees, clients and with our Bilanz magazine. We hope you enjoy reading it!



”We are proud
of what we
have achieved.“

Dietmar Engel and Alexander Kirchner, both managing directors at HLB Stückmann, have had a challenging but also very successful year. In this interview they look back on the past 90 years and give an outlook on what to expect in the coming years. Mr Engel, Mr Kirchner, HLB Stückmann is celebrating quite an astonishing 90th anniversary in 2022. What would you consider to be real milestones in the company's history? // to the interview


campaign 2022

Sweet Christmas surprise for the children of the Tafel Bielefeld

Our Christmas campaign this year aims to bring a little joy to children and at the same time support the Bielefeld Tafel (food bank). On 8 December, colleagues from our company packed over 200 bags of sweets that we provided.

The employees of the Bielefelder Tafel distribute the bags during the Christmas season to children who accompany their parents to the food bank.
// To the article


relief supplies
for the Ukraine

Last week, our employees collected numerous donations in kind for people in Ukraine. Due to the close relationships of one of our employees, we were able to hand over the first donations in kind to the Ukrainian community in Bielefeld, which takes care of the onward transport and distribution. // To the article


Thank you, Mario Dettmann!

After more than 40 years of highly successful work for our company, our long-standing partner Mario Dettmann entered his well-deserved retirement at the turn of the year. // To the article


Network of the Year 2022

Accounting firms, has won the "Network of the Year 2022" award at the International Accounting Bulletin Annual Awards, which were recently held in London.

The "Network of the Year" award is presented annually to a network organization that has shown profitable growth strategies in the last twelve months and has developed particularly positively in important strategic and operational areas.
We are proud to be a part of this network. Together we make it happen!
// To the article



The view is breathtaking. Yet Dr. Oliver Middendorf rarely stops to have a look. This is because his gaze would then remain fixed for too long, "and my desk is actually far too full for me to have the time to just look, to enjoy the view," says the 48-year-old in the Hamburg office of HLB Stückmann, as he does in fact look outside. // to the interview


How big are
your father’s

Her name reveals that her roots at HLB Stückmann go deep into the company's history. In an interview with Karin Stückmann-Küchler, she reveals how she came to join the company and how her surname still has an impact on her work today. Ms Stückmann-Küchler, how big are your father's footsteps that you have followed? // to the interview



Normally, you get something for your birthday. Especially if it's a round birthday. But we turn the whole thing around and give ourselves a present for our 90th birthday. With a magazine that introduces us. It shows what drives us and who we are.

The magazine takes you along to our colleagues at the Hamburg location and tells stories about the company that you may not yet know. This way we give you a glimpse behind the scenes so that you can get to know us a little better.



”My first
salary was
1,000 D-marks.“

Anyone encountering 80-year-old Dr. Ulrich Hüttemann at HLB Stückmann does not get the feeling that he has been a former employee for long. That is hardly surprising, the man from the Sauerland region with the grey-white hair did not officially retire until 2019 - at the age of 78! He was a partner at HLB Stückmann for 40 years, 20 of which he was a senior partner, "although that's not really much of an achievement". // to the interview


Christmas 2021

“Sterntaler counselling time” for grieving children and young people.

The Christmas donation from HLB Stückmann this year will go to Sterntaler e.V. - Bereavement support for children, young people and their families. The donation money enables “Sterntaler counselling time” for grieving children and young people.

Sterntaler e.V.

Auf dem Bild Dietmar Engel + Julia Sandau (Team Sterntaler e.V., Dipl. Sozialpädagogin)


HLB Stückmann
announces two
new partners!

HLB Stückmann announces Karin Korte and Mike Rickermann as new partners from its own ranks. We congratulate them both and wish them every success in all their new tasks and challenges! Photo: Dietmar Engel, Mike Rickermann, Katrin Korte and Alexander Kirchner


For the welfare of the bees

HLB Community Day – an initiative of
HLB International

HLB International is a network of accounting and tax firms with 795 offices in 158 countries.

This year's international HLB Community Day took place on 4 June. At our annual Community Day, HLB law firms around the globe participate to get involved in a good cause.


HLB Stückmann
announces a
new partner!

HLB Stückmann appoints Jörn Linkermann as a new partner from its own ranks. We are very pleased to announce that we have promoted Mr. Jörn Linkermann to partner with effect from 01.01.2021! Image: Dietmar Engel, Jörn Linkermann


Bielefeld Edition

Green, Green, Green

The twelfth Bielefeld Edition invites you on a tour through the Teutoburger Forest. Along the ridge that runs through Bielefeld, it goes to "treasure islands" in the countryside: from the Schwedenschanze to Senne.


Christmas 2020

This year the Christmas donation of HLB Stückmann and BKS Rechtsanwälte goes to the SCHULKRAMKISTE, an unbureaucratic emergency aid of the Working Group for Bielefeld Welfare Associations (AGW). The donations will be used to buy school materials for primary school children in need in order to provide them with equal educational opportunities so that they do not have to experience disadvantages right from the beginning of their school career.



Publicly appointed and sworn expert by the IHK Bielefeld

On 13.05.2020 our partner Miriam Roll was appointed as a publicly appointed and sworn expert for company valuations by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of East Westphalia in Bielefeld.The appointment as a publicly appointed and sworn expert documents the special personal and professional qualifications in the field of company valuations.

As an expert, she now has the task of presenting technically complicated facts in a comprehensible and comprehensible manner for "non-specialists" on certain assignments and thus acting as an intermediary between the "professional world" and the other addressees of company valuations. Ms. Roll will now be increasingly called in by courts as an expert witness.
// partner profile


HLB Community

The Community Day is an initiative of the globally active network HLB International, on which the partners and employees of the law firms take a day to get involved in social projects at their location. This year we collected donations in kind for the Bielefeld girls' shelter. Mädchenhaus Bielefeld e.V. supports and counsels young women who have experienced sexualised, physical and psychological violence.


Gregor Teipel becomes a delegate

Exceptional professional expertise and great commitment to the German profession

Gregor Teipel, auditor and partner at HLB Stückmann, has been appointed as a delegate of the Institute of Auditors (IDW) and the Chamber of Auditors (WPK) to a working group of the European Federation of Accountants and Auditors (Accountancy Europe). This is a great distinction for the entire HLB Stückmann company.

The appointment of Mr Teipel is undoubtedly a recognition of his exceptional professional expertise and his great commitment to the German profession as a "practising SME" and at the same time it is also a recognition of our committed, competent and innovative company as competent SME consultants.
// partner profile


Specialist consultant on
customs and excise duties!

Karin Korte (auditor and tax consultant) and Cedric Nielbock (tax consultant) have successfully participated in the training course to become specialist consultants on customs and excise duties and are now looking forward to developing this business field for HLB Stückmann. In addition to customs law and import sales tax, they dealt intensively with excise duties during the training course. These include energy and electricity tax, alcohol, beer and sparkling wine tax as well as coffee tax and tobacco tax.


Awarded honorary professorship

Application-oriented lectures at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld

Dr. Oliver Middendorf, auditor, tax consultant and partner in our law firm, has been awarded an honorary professorship by the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld via its president Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Schramm-Wölk.

On behalf of the entire HLB Stückmann company, we would like to congratulate Prof. Dr. Oliver Middendorf once again on this award and wish him much pleasure in his honourable task!
// partner profile


Christmas 2019

This year the Christmas donation of HLB Stückmann and BKS Lawyers shall go to Bielefeld's "Support the City Forest" campaign. With the help of donations, trees will be planted before the end of this year in order to create several mixed forests dominated by deciduous forests is to be created at various locations in and around Bielefeld. With this in mind, HLB Stückmann and BKS Lawyers wish you all a merry Christmas and a good start to a peaceful, happy, healthy and successful year 2020!



Königsbrügge – A gem of housing construction in the east of Bielefeld

Where Bielefeld ended a good hundred years ago, there is now a living monument to the city's social housing: Königsbrügge. The eleventh issue of the “Bielefelder Edition” invites you to take a tour of this charming residential quarter, look at the history of the buildings and let the residents have their say.

Once a year, the “Bielefelder Edition” shows discoveries from interesting regional cultural, living and working areas of the city. HLB Stückmann once again supported the “Bielefelder Edition” this year.


HLB Cup 2019
in Milan

In this year’s HLB-Cup – in which the HLB offices from our international network compete against each other – the HLB Stückmann team was again very successful in relation to the previous year and finished in second place. Only in the final against the superior Dutch team was the team at 0:3 without a chance and could only defend until the 14th minute of play before conceding the first goal.Sincere congratulations to the entire team on this successful tournament result!


Run & Roll Day

Once a year the famous Ostwestfalendamm in Bielefeld – over which many people drive to work every single day – is transformed into an arena for numerous sports activities. HLB Stückmann competed for the first time in the Run & Roll Day. Kitted out in the new shirts, Stückmann participated in the “BITEL TEAM-RUNNING” the 5 kilometre team company run.It was a fantastic and very special experience!


HLB Stückmann in CITY CYCLING campaign

A campaign of the Climate Alliance

From 15 June to 5 July 2019, HLB Stückmann participates in the CITY CYCLING campaign. Every kilometre of every Stückmann employee, who is part of the Stückmann cycling team, covered by bike during the 21-day campaign period – whether for private or professional purposes – is taken into account for the total score of the Stückmann team.

Via an app, all data of the Stückmann cyclists is recorded and stored. The objective for the law firm is just having fun with this small contest and enjoying the participation as a group. By participating, the law firm also shows that climate protection and the promotion of bicycle traffic are matters truly dear to their hearts.


HLB Community Day 2019

HLB Stückmann has engaged in a social project by hosting a company-internal typification campaign of several hours for the German Bone Marrow Donation (DKMS): In the context of the international HLB Community Day on 7 June, the Bielefeld-based law firm HLB Stückmann also engaged in the fight against leukaemia and promoted a company-internal typification campaign for more social commitment for German Bone Marrow Donation (DKMS). // HLB Community Day 2019


A project
in the
taxation research field

Involvement in a research project organised by Paderborn University and the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich.

HLB Stückmann and its international partner offices took part in a research project to review the complexity of global taxation systems from the perspective of a multinational business. // Article


New logo in the HLB International Network: Regional roots, international networks.