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Varied tasks in law firm management

The competent and committed work of colleagues in the administrative areas of human resources, marketing, IT and controlling, as well as assistants to partners and teams, usually takes place behind the scenes - but contributes just as much to the law firm's success. The work in the individual areas of law firm management keeps all of the firm's processes running smoothly and constitutes the interfaces to the individual departments. If you recognise yourself and your professional profile in this and can imagine supporting our strong "teams behind the team" with your expertise and experience, we would be very pleased to get to know you.


Entry in the administrative area

Whether in the human resources or marketing department, in IT or in controlling - with your commitment, you will contribute to Stückmann's convincing quality of work and to the fact that our clients can rely on us. The variety of tasks is great, and you can make us a little better every day with your individual strengths. In which of the following areas do you feel at home in?


Marketing is responsible for the entire external image of our company. This includes managing the Stückmann website and various social media channels. In addition, the marketing department plans and coordinates numerous events for clients, interested parties and our own staff.

Human resources

As an HR adviser, your tasks at our company are very varied. They range from personnel marketing and recruiting to employee support and personnel development to health management. The aim of your work is to continue to make Stückmann an extremely attractive employer for both our current and future staff.


In the context of the increasing digitalisation of the working world, IT plays an increasingly important role. As a staff member in our IT department, you will ensure smooth IT operations and optimise processes. We also rely on your keen interest in new technologies and IT trends, as we always work with the most modern business solutions and want to offer our staff the best working conditions.

Controlling and finances

The controlling and finance department provides support in all commercial matters. With figures, data and facts, it assists the management in strategic matters and creates transparency by breaking down the company's goals within the framework of the annual budget and regular reporting. In addition, internal financial and payroll accounting and thus the preparation of the annual financial statements are among the requirements in this area.


Individualise your professional development

Developing your own skills at work promotes self-confidence and enjoyment at work. Therefore, we appreciate your taking part in seminars and training courses that correspond to your tasks and interests and using the know-how you gain there in your job. We will gladly find out together in which areas of your daily work you would like to improve - and support you in doing so!

Getting ahead with tailored mentoring

On starting your new job with us, it is of course your direct colleagues who will train you on the job, answer your questions and ensure that you have a good start with us. In addition, one of our partners will support you as your mentor with regard to your long-term development and professional goals. Together you will determine the focal points of your tasks, internal responsibilities and the next steps in targeted vocational training and further education. Your mentor will use appraisal interviews to give you helpful feedback and positive encouragement along the way. At the same time, we look forward to your feedback and requests in this exchange, because it is our goal to become better and better together.

A strong team spirit and high flexibility

As a modern company, we rely on flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes - also in the administrative areas. The effect is that there is a strong team spirit here, which, together with very flexible work processes, ensures that all tasks and assignments for the specialist departments can be executed optimally. The already wide range of exciting tasks and topics is further expanded by the interdisciplinary work processes and very good networking between the individual departments. You can work independently and contribute your own ideas, implement them and thus help advance Stückmann. All of this is, of course, supported by the multifaceted options offered by state-of-the-art digital work equipment.



Digitalisation makes perfect sense when it has a clearly defined goal. We want our staff to benefit from it and for it to make their work more flexible and less dependent on where they are. That is why we are actively driving forward the digitalisation of central work areas at HLB Stückmann. With virtual data rooms, digital voice recognition, online seminars, Teams for Business, Yammer and home office workplaces, for example.


Entry in assistance to partners and teams

Your varied tasks are an important "engine" for the services with which we successfully support our clients. This is also appreciated by our specialist staff and partners, who you will support with your expertise and commitment. Which areas of assignment are suitable for you?

Assistance to partners

In close and trusting cooperation with a partner, you will support him or her as a right-hand person in ongoing projects and take on all administrative and organisational tasks. Whether correspondence, scheduling or travel management - with reliability and a certain amount of flexibility you will master the (varied) daily work routine and support your partner.

Assistance to teams

As a team assistant, you will be a strong support for our specialist staff by taking on organisational and administrative tasks (e.g. monitoring deadlines, reports and presentations) on your own responsibility. With your organisational talent, you will stay on top of things within the team and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Law associate

As a law associate you will be part of the BKS team and assist partners and lawyers in ongoing tasks and projects on a hands-on basis with your initiative and know-how. In addition to typical assistance tasks, you will also be responsible for other aspects of assisting lawyers, such as typing up digitally dictated documents, file management and electronic archiving.


A wide range of assignments

As an assistant to teams or partners, you will support our specialist staff or partners with ongoing tasks and projects. You will independently carry out administrative and organisational tasks and handle all correspondence - including reports, concepts, expert opinions, minutes and presentations. You will take over the scheduling of appointments and tasks for partners and colleagues as well as their travel management and the monitoring of deadlines. When answering, processing and forwarding telephone calls from Germany and abroad, you will impress them with your appealing charisma and your competence. As a law associate, you will take on almost the same tasks for your colleagues in the legal field.

Stay up-to-date with training courses and further education

Many different skills are required when working as an assistant, which you can refresh or acquire with us through training and further education. In addition to English language training for international correspondence, we also offer software training (MS Office) and the acquisition of so-called soft skills such as client retention or stress management. We are also happy to promote further qualifications in the areas of assistance and business administration. If you would like to become involved in our vocational training organisation as a vocational training officer yourself, we would greatly appreciate your commitment.

A lot of flexibility and a strong team spirit

Short-term tasks and requests are simply part of the job for assistants to partners and teams as well as for law associates. The close and flexible cooperation with the partners and the specialist teams enables us to master these challenges. The strong team spirit is also characterised by networking with all internal departments and other assistants - everyone pulls together and supports each other. At the same time, the cooperation with the many colleagues makes your everyday work extremely communicative and varied. Even though many solutions are achieved collectively, you can organise your work very independently and contribute your own ideas for the benefit of Stückmann. You will be supported by state-of-the-art digital work equipment.

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