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Taxes, as they won`t disappear,
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Managing your tax affairs

Irrespective of whether it concerns a stand-alone business active at a regional level or an internationally operational group of companies, the same applies for all: Working with tax laws must be correct, in order to ensure that the company does not suffer any tax disadvantages. This is the basis for every tax consultation. The overarching objective for all company forms is, however, the optimisation of the company's tax burden. We achieve this for you with our expertise, personal commitment, extensive experience and a robust network.

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How we help you when it comes to tax consulting

Advice on consolidated tax filing arrangements and group taxation

Advice on consolidated tax filing arrangements and group taxation

It is prudent under certain conditions to allow the revenue streams of holding and subsidiary companies to be taxed together within the scope of a consolidated tax filing arrangement. We assess the options available to you, plan all steps together with you and accompany you during the introductory and execution phases. We also draft the necessary contracts for you. 

Providing advice regarding the deductibility of financing costs

Providing advice regarding the deductibility of financing costs

We provide advice on the topic of tax deduction limitations, whether it be regarding so-called interest rate caps or trade tax additions. We determine within this context the optimal tax set up for you while taking into account your financing costs.

Advice on loss deduction limitations (Section 8C of the German Corporation Tax Act [KStG]).

Advice on loss deduction limitations (Section 8C of the German Corporation Tax Act [KStG]).

If a company is restructured or there is a change in its shareholders, it can occur that losses can no longer be used to an optimum degree. We maintain an overview for you at all times thus helping to avoid the potential for a forfeiture of tax losses. 

Advice on real estate acquisition tax charges

Advice on real estate acquisition tax charges

When purchasing property there is a mandatory land tax charge. A lesser known fact is that: It can also occur as the consequence of restructuring efforts within a company. This can lead to unexpected and significant financial consequences. We know the risks and support you in the process of avoiding real estate land tax charges to the greatest extent possible.

Supervising tax reporting

Supervising tax reporting

We also accompany all formal aspects pertaining to the topic of tax, including tax reporting and tax compliance management. We assess the tax reporting for you within your Group or even for third parties. We also provide advice on all questions concerning tax compliance and support you in the introduction of a corresponding system. 

Specialist knowledge for the right, tailored solution:

International tax

Expansion into international markets provides companies with many opportunities while also harbouring risks, due to the fact that a step beyond national boundaries makes dealing with tax regulations more complex.


Having a handle on sales tax as an ongoing item is one of our objectives for you. We supervise sales tax matters and ensure that they are managed alongside your day-to-day operations in a way that is efficient, risk-free and profit-neutral.

Restructuring and transformation

Operating conditions for companies are changing constantly, whether it be on a legal or economic basis. This requires a high degree of flexibility from companies.

Succession advice

Succession planning is an important topic - in particular for family businesses. We are happy to accompany and advise you throughout the entire process.

Property tax law

Providing good and practical tax advice concerning real estate requires experience and special knowledge in many legal areas in the field of taxes.