Core values

Our work is based
on shared core values

The company

Excellence & uniqueness

We support upper middle-class family enterprises and groups with passion and professionalism: We are a reliable, loyal partner for these clients in particular with our tailored solutions and individual consultation. This focus also has an effect on our company: Our clients shape our way of working, our internal structures and processes.

Quality awareness & reliability

Our partners and employees provide continuous support with their whole personality and experience shining through: This comprehensive, qualified consultation keeps exceeding our client’s expectations. Our customised solutions, appropriate auditing and cross-thematic recommendations are what convince customers - we do not use standard products. 

Respect & sincerity

We work with our clients on the basis of an open partnership and honest cooperation: We communicate with them as equals and we treat the information our clients provide to us with care. Our recommendations can of course also be critical. However, they are not aimed in particular at selling, but always have the well-being of our clients and their company’s success at their heart.



Comprehensive consultation in Bielefeld, Hamburg and Munich. In the north, centre and south of Germany we offer our clients direct points of contact with our proven competent advice. 


Your partner knows your company. They know when to act, and when the point has been reached when more specialists are needed.

Specialist areas

Our specialists possess exclusive expert knowledge and extensive experience within your professional discipline. This means that, together with you, we find individual solutions which always fit precisely to your company and your objectives.