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We focus on analysing your internal processes and checking the VAT assessment of all service relationships. We clarify whether these have been correctly implemented in the invoicing and in the VAT declarations and prepare for you correct preliminary VAT returns and annual VAT returns. If you wish, we can also optimise processes and install continuous control mechanisms for you.

  • „VAT risks are to be covered early on in companies with an initial random check of documents and processes.“

    − Karin Korte −

    German Public Auditor, Certified Tax Adviser, Partner


Document-based VAT check:
Prevents VAT problems

Based on sample checks of receipts and invoices, we identify and assess VAT risks. In this document-based VAT check of predefined focal areas, we examine individual documents and take into account the validations of the preliminary VAT returns for the current year.

We check whether the requirements for invoicing, input tax deduction, documentation of evidence, preliminary VAT returns and annual VAT returns have been met. We also suggest possible areas of improvement for internal processes. We document all results in a report, which we would be happy to discuss with you personally.

VAT IT check:
Data-based check detects
structural weaknesses

Transactions and the VAT keys and VAT codes that are used can of course also be analysed using databases. Here we systematically check, using a catalogue of questions developed by us, all transactions for VAT weaknesses.

Are the VAT keys that are used correctly allocated in the VAT returns? This is one of the questions answered by the VAT IT check. Depending on the degree of anomalies, our checks are based on sample checks. We would be pleased to discuss the results report with you personally and develop individual solutions together. If necessary, we will suggest ways in which you can optimise VAT.

  • System check
  • Detection of structural weaknesses
  • Validation of VAT returns
  • Automation of check routines

Individual VAT check:
A check will be worth your while

The individual VAT check examines individual VAT service relationships. Processes such as the mapping, documentation and processing of intra-Community deliveries can be analysed in a targeted manner and compliance with statutory requirements can be checked.

We would be pleased to provide you with an individual quote for the areas you would like to have checked.

We recommend:

  • Check whether incoming invoices meet VAT requirements
  • Check the mapping of intra-Community deliveries and test whether all documentary requirements have been met
  • Check the treatment of company cars in payroll accounting

Let’s discuss your specific needs!

Please let us know which of the aforementioned VAT checks you are interested in. We will contact you direct to discuss your personal needs and then provide you with a quote.

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