The IHC (trade and industry club) visits HLB Stückmann

”Digital Europe,
Brave the Gap“


Review: IHC lecture and discussion event at the premises of HLB Stückmann

René Obermann (Partner Warburg Pincus, London), the IHC guest lecturer, gave a talk on the topic “Digital Europe, Brave the Gap“.

He warned urgently of a "dwarfing" of Europe in the digital sector and described the current state of digital Europe with the words "we are falling behind": For example, in view of pandemics spreading worldwide, a large part of communication in the medical sector in Germany still takes place via letter post and fax.

A detailed summary of the contents of the event can be found here: Website

Image rights: Industrie- und Handelsclub OWL

from left to right: Lecturer René Obermann, member of the IHC steering committee Verena Pausder, IHC managing director Cornelia Moss and host as well as partner at HLB Stückmann: Benedikt Kastrup.

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