How companies can survive the crisis

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How companies can survive the crisis

The global spread of the coronavirus not only has health consequences, but companies also face economic consequences that need to be overcome. The federal government is providing companies with appropriate assistance to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The tax authorities are also planning tax policy measures to ease the burden on companies. Companies must now take a number of things into account both from a tax and legal point of view.

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We have prepared all the information on the current topic for you in a clear and concise manner and, among other things, answered these important questions:

  • What does the federal government's protective shield for employees and companies look like?
  • What do companies have to take into account when deploying employees/sending them on business trips?
  • Do I as a company have to offer my employees a home office?
  • Precautionary measures, quarantine, infection, supervision of children - who pays their salary?

Article: What do companies have to consider due to the coronavirus pandemic?

In addition, our two partners Dietmar Engel and Oliver Middendorf reported in the Neue Westfälische of 17.03.2020 on the current topic and gave tips for dealing with the situation.

Companies must now do everything possible to maintain sufficient liquidity in this uncertain situation to ensure that they will remain solvent in the future. Since it is difficult to predict how long this crisis will last, payment terms should, if necessary, be negotiated with creditors and financial assistance may need to be applied for.

Article: NW of 17.03.2020