HLB Stückmann in the new JUVE Handbook 2020 Taxation

“Top Dog in


The Best in the West

In the new JUVE Handbook 2020 Taxation there is an interesting article called “The West – The Best in the West” in which HLB Stückmann (p. 59) is also mentioned.

Moreover, we are referred to as the “Top Dog in East-Westphalia” in the current JUVE Handbook Taxation in the business field of international tax law. In particular, transfer pricing and employee deployment have been singled out.

We are really pleased about that!

HLB Stückmann

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Feel free to have a look!

The JUVE Handbook Taxation (p. 59) as an e-paper can be accessed via this link.

e-Paper: JUVE Handbuch Steuern

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