TOP Employer SME 2020

HLB Stückmann
has been awarded


According to an independent data collection by FOCUS-BUSINESS, HLB Stückmann is one of the TOP employers SME.

On the basis of an independent data collection by FOCUS-BUSINESS in cooperation with - the employer evaluation portal for employees, trainees and applicants - HLB Stückmann has been awarded the title of TOP Employer Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 2020.

HLB Stückmann

Elsa-Brändström-Str. 7
33602 Bielefeld
+49 521 299300

Around 900,000 company profiles of the rating portal served as the basis for the survey. In order to be included in the evaluation for the Top SME employers survey, the companies had to meet certain criteria:

  • At least 10 employer ratings on
  • Of which at least 5 ratings since 1.1.2018
  • Rating average of at least 3.5 stars
  • A recommendation rate of at least 70%.
  • Company location in Germany

The cut-off date for data collection was 11.04.2019. For the top list, only employers of small and medium-sized enterprises were to be considered. Therefore, in a second step, the companies were filtered according to the number of employees. The companies must employ between eleven and 500 employees. However, companies whose number of employees could not be determined were not taken into account. HLB Stückmann, with around 170 employees and its headquarters in Bielefeld, was able to meet all the above criteria. The complete list of the TOP Employers SME 2020, which includes HLB Stückmann, was published in FOCUS-Business on 26 November 2019. Further information is available here