HLB Stückmann in CITY CYCLING campaign

A campaign of the
Climate Alliance


From 15 June to 5 July,
HLB Stückmann participating in the CITY CYCLING campaign

From 15 June to 5 July 2019, HLB Stückmann participates in the CITY CYCLING campaign. Every kilometre of every Stückmann employee, who is part of the Stückmann cycling team, covered by bike during the 21-day campaign period – whether for private or professional purposes – is taken into account for the total score. Via an app, all data of the Stückmann cyclists is recorded and the individual routes and kilometres travelled are stored.

It does not matter where the kilometres travelled by bike are covered. This means: Every participant can count their kilometres from everywhere and contribute them to the total score of the Stückmann team – no matter which city they cycled in during the campaign period. The objective for the law firm is just having fun with this small contest and enjoying the participation as a group. By participating, the law firm also shows that climate protection and the promotion of bicycle traffic are matters truly dear to their hearts.