HLB Cup 2019 in Milan

2nd place for
HLB Stückmann


The HLB Stückmann team was once again very successful in this year’s HLB-Cup

In this year’s HLB-Cup – in which the HLB offices from our international network compete against each other – the HLB Stückmann team was again very successful in relation to the previous year and finished in second place. Only in the final against the superior Dutch team was the team at 0:3 without a chance and could only defend until the 14th minute of play before conceding the first goal.

In the final the somewhat decimated squad and the availability of only one substitute (due to injuries during the previous rounds) for HLB Stückmann became very noticeable against the young Dutch team so to finish in second place was the maximum that could be achieved. Florian Hennig was outstanding with 7 goals from a total of 20 Stückmann goals.

Sincere congratulations to the entire team on this successful tournament result!

The successful Stückmann squad (goals):
Rupprecht, goalkeeper
Hennig (7)
C. Brinkmann (2)
Gazulla (2), Guest player HLB Spain
Kindler (2)
Linkermann (2)
Peter (2)
Schnitker (2)
Engel (1)
Gomez, Guest player HLB Spain

HLB Stückmann

Elsa-Brändström-Str. 7
33602 Bielefeld
+49 521 299300