Bielefelder Edition – 11th issue

Königsbrügge –
a historical treasure


A tour through the east of Bielefeld

Where Bielefeld ended a good hundred years ago, there is now a living monument to the city's social housing: Königsbrügge. The eleventh issue of the “Bielefelder Edition” invites you to take a tour of this charming residential quarter, look at the history of the buildings and let the residents have their say.

The two authors, Prof. Dr Holger Dainat and Larissa Jagdschian, take readers on a discovery tour around the football pitch of the TuS Eintracht, which was originally planned as a drill ground. For their texts, the literary scholars from the university of Bielefeld, who share an interest in literary and cultural history and its conveyance, researched the history of the settlement's origins. This began in 1913 when the town built small terraced houses on previously agricultural land on the outskirts of the town in order to create affordable residential property. After the end of the First World War, the construction of rented flats determined events - and alongside the city, a second important designer of the housing estate became active: the building cooperative Freie Scholle. 

Once a year, the “Bielefelder Edition” shows discoveries from interesting regional cultural, living and working areas of the city. HLB Stückmann once again supported the “Bielefelder Edition” this year.


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