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EUR 1,000 go to the Kinderschutzbund Bielefeld

We are supporting the work of the Kinderschutzbund in Bielefeld with a donation of EUR 1,000.
For nine years, we have been donating to a social project or an institution in the Bielefeld area every year.

Among other programmes, the Deutscher Kinderschutzbund (German child protection association) offers sponsorships for families with small children and for children of parents with mental disorders. HLB Stückmann is donating for the “FaBa – Families in Balance” project – a nature project for children from families burdened with mental disorders and the great support by qualified personnel with a professional background in education.

The Kinderschutzbund in Bielefeld has been promoting children’s well-being, non-violent upbringing and a fair share in development opportunities for nearly 50 years. Besides the sponsorships for families or single parents and the various projects, the association also offers accompanied visits in cases of separation, parenting courses, parent-child groups and holiday games, and advises parents on educational issues.

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