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Business in Bielefeld - consistently successful

Going on the offensive and showing the commercial successes of Bielefeld to the world: The business portal DAS-KOMMT-AUS-BIELEFELD ["That comes from Bielefeld"] reports on exciting products and services from Bielefeld, thereby illustrating the diversity and innovation of Bielefeld enterprise.

Business Portal: That comes from Bielefeld

Whether decision-makers, technical and managerial personnel or students – the portal is a pool full of information with notifications full of insights from the Bielefeld economy and a reference book covering exciting products and interesting companies from the city. This year too, we are joining the “That comes from Bielefeld”.


We are HLB Stückmann

The newspaper “Neue Westfälische” joins the economic development center WEGE in a series of companies and their employees. We are also involved!

We use this article to introduce some employees and their task scopes and give you a quick summary of our stand-out points, our commitment and what we offer in terms of training.

Newspaper “Neue Westfälische”: We are HLB Stückmann

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