HLB Cup 2010

Victory in


On 2 September the HLB Football Tournament 2017 was held in Düsseldorf

Short match summary:

The Stückmann team got off to a good start, winning the first match 4:0. We also won our second match 1:0.

Despite the draw against the Dutch, we remained unbeaten! We concluded the group phase with a tough goalless draw against the Squadra Azzurra, a match in which both sides had good chances, and finished as the group winners! We also achieved our immediate objective on the way to the championship undefeated.

FINAL: Our Italian colleagues awaited us in the final. A hard-fought 2:2 took us to a penalty shootout. We won the shootout 6:5 and with it the tournament for 2017!!!

Thank you to all of the footballers who took part, the fans and above all thank you for the fantastic organisation by our colleagues in Düsseldorf!

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