Bielefelder Edition – The ninth volume

Murnau-Alphabet –
Film Music Bielefeld


The ninth volume of the Bielefelder Edition is being released in October 2017 under the heading "Murnau-Alphabet – Film Musik Bielefeld" [Murnau-Alphabet – Film Music Bielefeld].

Bitten by the silent film bug: If you have never seen one, you cannot imagine what is "supposed to be so great about a silent film," says film expert Daniel Kothenschulte in the ninth volume of the Bielefelder Edition and goes on to say: "No champagne or popularist leader can win you over as fast as Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Clara Bow."

The author and promoter of the publication, Christiane Heuwinkel was also bitten by the silent film bug a few years ago. In the ninth volume of the Bielefelder Edition she opens the Murnau-Alphabet from A as in "All or nothing: the law by which Murnau lived" to T for "title cards" and W for "wipe". Stages in Murnaus's life, his films and the lives of this colleagues, things worth knowing about silent film, but most of all, moments in the Film+Music Festival are brought to life. Heuwinkel writes knowledgeably and lovingly about a topic that is close to her heart.

Also packed with emotion is Christian Ring's colour photography. Through his pictures he has managed to capture the particular mood in the film screenings.

The Bielefelder Edition is issued and created by graphic designer Kerstin Schröder. This time it is the red letters that guide the reader easily through the booklet that is the striking design element.
The book series "Bielefelder Edition" show discoveries relating to interesting cultural, societal and working circles in Bielefeld once a year, which are recorded, photographically documented and lovingly put together. HLB Stückmann has lent its support to this project once again this year.

Artikel: Neue Westfälische v. 9./10.12.2017

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