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HLB Stückmann receives the "TOP JOB" official seal for outstanding employer qualities

It's a win-win situation: If a member of staff feels great with their employer, great performance is almost guaranteed. Of course, employer attractiveness and workplace culture have to be right - as is the case with us, Bielefeld's auditing and tax advisory company HLB Stückmann.

In recognition of this particular quality, on 12 February 2016 we received the renowned "TOP JOB" seal of approval in Berlin, awarded to us by the former Minister for Economic Affairs, Wolfgang Clement. The company - Zentrum für Arbeitgeberattraktivität (zeag GmbH) - uses this award to recognise other companies which take an impressive approach to promoting a healthy workplace culture. HLB Stückmann initially applied for the seal of quality in 2015 - which has been awarded to companies since 2002 - and now HLB is one of 93 medium-size businesses permitted to adorn it.

"We are proud of the fact that our commitment to our employees is being honoured with this award" said Dietmar Engel, Partner at HLB Stückmann. "But that doesn't mean we want to rest on our laurels; we will of course continue to expand our employer qualities". Because only a satisfied and committed team will allow us to remain successful in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship."

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