Bielefelder Edition

Hello, Taxi. Bielefelder
Stories from A to B


Eighth volume of the publication "Bielefelder Edition" released

November 2016 saw the release of the eighth volume of the publication "Bielefelder Edition" with the title "Hello, Taxi". Bielefeld stories from A to B".

In its stories from A to B the authors Anne Kitsch and Lena Weber talk about people who know the city of Bielefeld like almost no one else, with all its secret paths. They talk about a professional group that sticks together, even when times for taxi businesses are getting harder. And they are a homage to Bielefeld. The taxi drivers hold "their" city, and "their" favourite suburb dear in their hearts.

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The stories are illustrated by portraits and unusual city views "full speed ahead" by the photographer Christian Ring. In order to take the photos he adopted a passenger's perspective in the taxi.

The book series "Bielefelder Edition" show discoveries relating to interesting cultural, societal and working circles in Bielefeld once a year, which are recorded, photographically documented and lovingly put together. HLB Stückmann has also supported this project again this year.