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Stückmann as an employer

The charm of Bielefeld and the region is subtle

The mentality of East Westphalia is something special: Outsiders would confuse it with stubbornness, whereas the natives would call it restraint. Even Bielefeld is in no rush to make a spectacle of itself, its appeal is also gentle. Not because it has nothing to offer, but because it knows just what it has to offer. All by itself. The impression it leaves behind, if allowed to, is long-lasting. Because it really does make a difference if you simply reside or actually live. Fortunately, sometimes it's simply that the right city is missing.

HLB Stückmann

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33602 Bielefeld
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From Bielefeld to "Liebe"-feld

For those native to the city of Bielefeld, this is incomprehensible: Bielefeld is not a love-at-first-sight city for everyone. But definitely by the second. And then it stays that way. Forever. The East Westphalian metropolis thrives on its contrasts: Expansive green areas and city flare, the infrastructure of a major city and the feel of a small town; people who are culturally engaged. Those willing to embrace this city with its rough edges will soon realise why Bielefeld is often referred to by its residents as "Liebe"-feld.

The OWL region: Still travelling or have you started living?

A strong economy, a good mix of industries and short routes: These are, of course, not the only things that can be said about the Ostwestfalen-Lippe technology region as a place of work, but they are the details which are of particular interest for our applicants. Why? Because they signal the prospect of a recession-proof job. And evenings within your own four walls - because our clients are mostly based in the region. 

"Pömpel, Patt und Pillepoppen"

"Pömpel, Patt und Pillepoppen"

The reactions to an excursion into the depths of Bielefeld can stretch from genuine confusion to resounding laughter - and not just for those new to Bielefeld.

Bielefeld. Strong location - strong economy.