HR development

Individual, committed,


For growth at the right levels

HR development which focuses on the members of staff generates new impetus, promotes talent, solidifies and expands on existing knowledge. And it is sometimes even quite a lot of fun: For example as part of our communication seminars or English film evenings. What it achieves in any case: It allows members of staff to mature - both professionally and personally. That is why further training is not something we begrudgingly make possible, but rather it is something we have fixed in the agenda.

Mentoring and tutoring system

Great services can best be achieved within a highly functioning team. At HLB Stückmann, this means that every member of staff is allocated to one of the 18 partners, who acts as a long-term mentor for this person. The mentor and member of staff together set the personal objectives and determine the amount of progress regarding these objectives in regularly held meetings. Specialist staff members also receive additional support from a tutor, who is available throughout the working day as a fixed contact partner. This is especially helpful for new members of staff when familiarising themselves - both with the job and the company. Even long-term members of staff benefit from this form of support. It also helps to establish a special operating environment.

Feedback culture

In order that people are successful and satisfied in their job in the long-term, they have to know where they stand, how they have developed to date, and which opportunities will be available to them in future at the company. For this reason, feedback at HLB is a fundamental component of company culture. At scheduled appointments for annual review meetings as well as upon the completion of important projects, our members of staff are given feedback, which helps them to deliberately reflect on their own work performance. Communication, information flow, task distribution: Only those who know where things are going well and where things need improvement can ever have the chance to react. This does not mean by any stretch that feedback only flows from the top downwards, rather it is dependent on the position. We are convinced: Professional and personal development is possible on all levels.



International work

Rapidly develop professional and linguistic skills: HLB Stückmann offers you the possibility to achieve this.

Stückmann as an employer

Open doors - from the reception to the partners' office. We take great effort to ensure that our members of staff are happy where they are, and that they enjoy their work.

Job opportunities

As part of our efforts to strengthen our successful team we are always on the lookout for motivated and creative minds, which possess both team spirit and commitment.