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The student:

Has an exact understanding of the theoretical foundations of his or her subject. In order to expand on practical experience, the student is in search of an internship for a minimum of four weeks, which not only means something on paper, but also something which actually advances their professional skills. The student participates in challenging projects, in which he or she wants to get stuck in from the get-go. He or she enjoys constructive feedback, due to the fact that it helps their advancement both personally and professionally. Ambition is what drives the student, to show as an intern that he or she knows: After completing his or her studies this increases the chances of obtaining the position of assistant.

The student also likes the support given in finding the right topic for his or her Bachelor or Master thesis, as well as the professional supervision provided during its execution.

“It is great that HLB Stückmann is so committed to the well-founded training of prospective legal practitioners.”

Charlotte Schröder, Training-integrated study for the Bachelor of Arts Business Administration & Taxes

During my search for an apprenticeship training position, I came across an offer by HLB Stückmann, which I was immediately enthusiastic about: a dual vocational training as a tax consultant. Miraculously, my application was successful and... more

“As a working student at HLB Stückmann, I get the practical experience I need alongside my studies.“

Fridtjof Ewers

While studying economics, it is very important to me to already gain some practical experience in a field I might want to work in later. Fortunately, an employee of HLB Stückmann advised me to apply... mehr