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An old hand:

Has already acquired several years of professional experience as an auditor, tax advisor or lawyer, and brings the right amount of professionalism and expert knowledge to the table, in order to advise clients from all industries. Autonomous work is particularly important to an old hand, for which reason he or she appreciates an employer who affords them freedom of movement in the implementation of their own vision. Given that he or she is just as committed as they are eager to learn, they see opportunities for further professional training and individual advancement as a real benefit, and use these to hone their own professional profile. As experienced as he or she is, the old hand also knows that an excellent workplace needs something more. Good contact to both clients and colleagues and an exceptional company culture, for example.

Rechtsanwältin, Steuerberaterin und Fachanwältin für Steuerrecht Marrie Landt

“Even after more than 10 years of professional experience, tax law repeatedly offers me an interesting and challenging area of activity.”

Marrie Landt | Certified Tax Adviser, Lawyer, Certified Tax Lawyer

As soon as I started my professional life as a lawyer, I joined a law firm with a business law background and the need for interdisciplinary cooperation with tax consultants. This interdisciplinary cooperation and gaining an insight into various facets of tax law appealed to me from the very beginning and has... more

“At HLB Stückmann in Hamburg I found the perfect challenge I was looking for!“

Nicoletta Fenner | Accountant and Tax Consultant

As a qualified assistant tax consultant, I was looking for a new professional challenge in 2017 after successfully completing my further training as an accountant... more