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The newcomer:

Has successfully completed his or her degree in business or legal sciences, economics, business law or (industrial) mathematics, and is now considering the leap from theory into practice. This candidate simply cannot wait to get stuck in from the very start, and to take on the challenging tasks the clients have to offer. A personal consultation on an equal footing is particularly important to the newcomer - irrespective of whether it's with regional companies from the mid-sized sector or internationally operational corporations. He or she appreciates the benefits of a generalist professional training programme at first, which highlights the complex interdependencies of his or her professional field. Thanks to committed supervision and accompaniment by experience colleagues, his or her professional and personal skills mean this person is ready to get stuck in.

“HLB Stückmann has made it very easy for me to start my working life.“

Philipp Beisner, M.Sc., Tax Specialist

After my studies of economics, two things were certain for me: Being born in Bielefeld, I wanted to stay in the region and start working for a renowned company there... more

“Joining HLB Stückmann was exactly the right thing to do.“

Julia Justus, Audit and Tax Specialist

I became aware of HLB Stückmann during my studies of business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. During his lectures Prof. Dr. Middendorf - partner at HLB Stückmann - described how varied and exciting... more