Brilliant minds
on fundamental paths


The youngster:

Has successfully completed his or her schooling and would now like to start an exciting career. He or she is looking for an apprenticeship programme full of variety, which promises great perspective and unusual special benefits. The pleasant company atmosphere helps the youngster to integrate quickly. This candidate is looking to receive responsibility as quickly as possible, and is therefore supported by helpful colleagues and supervised by experienced trainers. The youngster develops into a professionally adept and individual personality, who takes joy in the fact that they have laid the right foundations for their professional career.

"The fact that I am allowed to work independently during my training at HLB Stückmann is really great.”

Sabrina Memoli, tax consultant trainee

In August 2019 I started my vocational training as a tax consultant at HLB Stückmann. I have felt totally at home here since the first day because the working atmosphere... more

„Was mir bei HLB Stückmann besonders gut gefällt? Das tolle Arbeitsklima!“

Cora Kaiser | Auszubildende zur Kauffrau für Büromanagement

Im August 2019 habe ich meine Ausbildung zur Kauffrau für Büromanagement bei HLB Stückmann begonnen. Und seit dem ersten Tag fühle ich mich hier... mehr